Friday, October 12, 2012

Why The Sky is High (Project in English) Julia Miraflores

I can say about Why the Sky is High

I can say about the story Why the Sky is High that all the versions of Why the Sky is High that their story could say that it’s true or not- double underline (compound sentence). But all the versions of Why the Sky is high, I only liked the version of Iloko because I feel that their story is true.  - double underline (compound sentence) 

The Tagalog version is that there are two brothers named Ingat and Daskol. Ingat is careful in everything he did and was therefore his father's right hand man like he was his fathers guide all the time.While Daskol do his work sloppily like he is lazy to help his father- double underline (compound sentence). I can say about Why the sky is High Tagalog version that Ingat is not lazy helping his father not like Daskol that he is so lazy. And he is also the reason why the Sky is High. 

The Iloko version the only people on earth were a man and a woman. The man brought a venison from hunting but because the bones were very big and they wanted to eat the marrow, they thought of pounding the bones- double underline (compound sentence). Then the woman removed her comb, necklace and hung them on the low sky.  When the woman will pound she always hit the sky. She still requested the sky to go higher. It thundered and sky rose higher. When the woman remembered what she had hung, it was too late. They became the moon and the stars. It was all the woman's fault why the sky is high. 

The Hiligaynon version is different to the Tagalog version and Iloko version.  In the olden days, the sky was so lopw, so low that it could be reached by a stick nof ordinary length. The Hiligaynon version is believed by God. It was not made by themselves, I think.

But it's still much better that the sky is high because we could breath better and we could see the making of God. - double underline (compound sentence)